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About Me:
Army Vet
Proud American
Dog Owner

UFOs and Jesus

Seeing a UFO does not mean "Aliens" but it doesn't rule them out either. UFOs are simply flying objects that cannot be identified. Are there aliens? In my opinion yes there are; however, as far as I know, I have never seen an alien. I also believe in Jesus, but I have yet to see him. That being said, I see God's creations and signs of him every day. I believe without a doubt he is real and I am a Christian but, I do believe Aliens exist too. Why can't there be both? The universe is all one creation. There are civilizations far more advanced than we are. There were civilizations here on on Earth and other planets who have wiped themselves out. Good news for us is, there are advanced races that are watching over Earth and don't want it to happen again.  We are not alone, we have never been alone.

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