(Ufology, Ufologist) The Definition of Ufology. : the study of unidentified flying objects. Ufologist: Noun (plural ufologists) A person who studies UFOs. Why do people not talk about what they believe or have seen as far as UFOs go? They are afraid of being ridiculed by groupthink and herd mentality. Both of which make me laugh and want to ask why do you act like that? Be true to yourself and let people know what you think about UFOs. Stop fearing these closed minded people. Seeing a UFO does not mean Aliens but it doesn't rule them out either. There are UFOs there is no denying that, they are simply flying objects that can not be identified but are there Aliens? In my opinion yes there are however, as far as I know, I have not seen an Alien. I also believe in Jesus, but I have yet to see him. That said, I see God's creations and signs of him every day. I believe without a doubt he is real and I am a Christian but, I do believe Aliens exist too. Why can't there be both?


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