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This is my personal website.
Showing my Music,
Photos and things I enjoy!

This website changes often please visit often. 

I am...

* Married with Children

* Army Vet

* Musician

* Love is all we need

These are my pictures
click the picture to make
it full size

I wrote and recorded this song on my PC.

This picture is from my Door Cam
Is that an Angel or a Fairy at my house?

What are those near my porch? Orbs? The light is from the front door but they are glowing towards the front door! How does that happen?
I took these pictures from my cell phone. I was taking pictures at the sky after a storm. I think I see Jesus face in the sky?

One night as I was watching a Reds game on the tv. I heard a strange noise outside. I looked to see if any of my cats were outside. Both were inside. So, I went out front. It was coming from the trees in the backyard. I tried to capture it with my cellphone. This is what I heard... Strange!

These Websites I Enjoy!

Some of my Collection!

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